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Last of the Season

Below is an excerpt from @secretgardenguru on Instagram, following the end of the Spring/early Summer season.

Midday the storms rolled in, turning the skies dark and sending small rivers of water down the leaves and into the grass. It flattened the bed and the flowers, as though some giant passing through had seen the pretty spot and dozed off upon it. After dragging my feet on clearing this last wild patch, this carefree season of blooms, I finally knew it was time.

My family came over to help, and together we cut down the now-woody stems, thanking the plants for the past 6 months of magic. I harvested the last of the season and put them in a jar for my wonderful neighbor and her family. They weren’t perfect flowers - many bleached by the heat and sun, enjoyed by the bees and butterflies, beginning to bow back to the earth - but they were beautiful. Like the way the colors in the sky burn before fading soft into dusk.

I want to thank everyone who supported me in some way during my first season back home. Sometimes, words aren’t enough. But know that I wake up each day, grateful to have worked with my hands under the sky and to haves shared it with all of you. I’m deep into dreaming, planning and prepping for the fall. Stick around; I promise it will be worth it 🧡

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