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And we're back!

Well, hello there! It’s certainly been a while since I’ve shared anything here (life happens sometimes!), and I thought it was about time for that to change.

If you’re just discovering secret garden guru now, welcome! I’m Lyndsey, the green thumb behind it all. I truly love plants and am passionate about the natural world and helping folks access all the wonderful attributes plants have to offer. Whether you’re hoping to revamp your outdoor space, revive an indoor houseplant from a dreaded plague, or just have a pot, some dirt and a dream - I’m here to cheer you on. I’m also passionate about floral design and look forward to sharing that side of my work, as well!

In the past, my posts here have been a little academic, and while I do hope they were ultimately helpful, my hope for this space moving forward is to simply share my own “tales from the dirt” in the hopes of inspiring you in your own endeavors.

To start, I wanted to share a post I wrote nearly a year ago about why my heart lives in the garden. Since writing this, as you can see I’ve moved back to Central Florida and happily call Orlando home again (more on that later!).

Happy Saturday, friends.

“When I think about why I love plants, I always think of home - New Jersey, Texas and Florida. I remember spending hours as a barefoot child wandering fearlessly through my mother’s dreamy gardens.

Standing among the snapdragons at our first home in Elmer, NJ, my singular focus was on popping every periwinkle balloon flower I could find - rare gems in a green world. To distract me, my mom would enlist my help plucking tomatoes from the vines that grew along the side of the house. Lifting the hem of my sundress with one hand, I’d fill my makeshift basket with as many as I could carry before running to the porch to line them up proudly and begin again.

These days when I return home to Orlando, I marvel at my mother’s impressive collection of succulents, cacti and aloes, examine every African iris, bromeliad and bleeding heart vine with awe. I pop nothing and love everything with the delight of seeing something new for the first time, many times over. My heart lives in the garden.”

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