Houseplant TLC: Re-Potting & Potting-Up

Before re-potting my Tiger Tooth Aloe (A. juvena) which has a mind of it's own!

Here we are again, having made it past the deepest throws of winter (aka: February in the Northeast - ugh) and not-so-patiently waiting for outdoor temps to slowly rise. I’ve alluded to it before; now with the planting season firmly on the horizon, these next few weeks between the final dregs of cool weather and the start of “true spring” can be the hardest time of year for garden-minded folk.

Still, March and April are rife with opportunity to knock a few more items off your to-do list, indoor and out. In particular, if you keep houseplants year-round, spring is the best time to consider showing your precious plants a little TLC by re-potting and potting-up.

Why re-pot or pot-up, you ask? It may come as a general surprise, but much like humans, plants do grow and evolve, often to become much bigger than the tiny starter plants we originally purchased from the nursery (much to my boyfriend’s general dismay!). In the same way we buy new clothes when we outgrow them, most houseplants need to be refreshed every year or two, either within their original pot or a slightly bigger one to ensure their continued health and happiness overall.

Spring is best for this type of task, as longer daylight hours mean that plants are coming out of dormancy and beginning to put on new growth, which can help to alleviate any shock to the pla