Mother's Day Recap & Flower Roundup

Guys – I can’t believe it’s been almost a week since Mother’s Day, and I’m still floating on a flower cloud over here from all of your amazing support! By the time Saturday morning rolled around, my kitchen and most of my living room was literally full of bright jars of blooms ready to be delivered to your loved ones. I am so grateful to you all for trusting me to create something special, and it was the best way to kick off my floral design work here in Central Florida!

While I was working on the arrangements last Friday night, I started thinking about the types of flowers and fillers I grow in my own garden and work with routinely in my designs. Many of these are common to the flower farming/cut flower industry, especially in the northeast/NYC area where designers are always using unusual, ethereal, or bold blooms in their designs; however, you might not see these being used by commercial florists or in fresh bouquets sold at big name grocery stores. Coincidentally, many of the flowers we as consumers routinely buy and keep in our homes are imported from overseas or other areas of the country/world where they might be in season.